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Minion Academy

Below you will find procedurally generated minions / npc's who are ready to do your bidding. Feel free to tweak and modify them to your liking and use them in your games.

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Ramnar son of Druon

Ogre Male
Ranger, Noble

Cowardly, Ruthless. Hates losing.

Hazel eyes, milky skin. Missing left ear.
Hair: bald

Weapons: Iron Axe, Bolas.
Armor: studded brigandine (leather)

Male Ranger

Bellamanta Gamrows

Halfling Female
Cleric, Commoner

Loyal, Extravagant. Hates Elfs.

Brown eyes, fair skin. Long face.
Hair: long, gray

Weapons: Mithril Staff.
Armor: leather jacket (leather)

Female Cleric

Edoari the Summerarrow

Elf Male
Ranger, Commoner

Loyal. Fears rats.

Green eyes, pale skin. Square face.
Hair: shoulder length, white

Weapons: Short Sword, Crossbow.
Armor: leather vest (leather)

Male Ranger


Kobold Female
Fighter, Commoner

Stubborn, Adventurous.

Black eyes, scaly black and yellow skin. Flat nose.
Hair: small crest, orange

Weapons: Iron Double Handed Sword.
Armor: leather jacket (leather)

Female Fighter

Glolin Ironaxe

Dwarf Male
Scout, Commoner

Greedy, Wrathful, Timid.

Brown eyes, milky skin.
Hair: short, red

Weapons: Clean And Polished Short Sword, Short Bow.
Armor: padded gamberson (cloth)

Male Scout

Baelelis of house Isiltar of Eversprings

Elf Male
Rogue, Noble

Loyal, Cowardly, Wrathful.

Yellow eyes, brown skin. Thin and wiry.
Hair: long, golden brown

Weapons: Dual Wield Swords.
Armor: brigandine (leather)

Male Rogue