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Minion Academy

Below you will find procedurally generated minions / npc's who are ready to do your bidding. Feel free to tweak and modify them to your liking and use them in your games.

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Belldona Burdybuck

Halfling Female
Rogue, Commoner


Brown eyes, olive skin.
Hair: long, black

Weapons: Troll Iron Dual Wield Daggers, Crossbow.
Armor: quilted linen cloak (cloth)

Female Rogue

Samgo Gamgins

Halfling Male
Rogue, Commoner

Courteous. Fears snakes.

Hazel eyes, dark brown skin.
Hair: short, black

Weapons: Bronze Short Sword.
Armor: dragon bone banded mail vest (chainmail)

Male Rogue

Kimina daughter of Nolin of Finungol

Dwarf Female
Soldier, Noble

Brown eyes, dark brown skin.
Hair: short, red

Weapons: Iron Axe & Shield, Bow & Arrow.
Armor: studded leather vest (leather)

Female Soldier


Ogre Male
Rogue, Commoner


Green eyes, olive skin.
Hair: bald

Weapons: Mithril Dual Wield Daggers.
Armor: fur cloak (cloth)

Male Rogue

Radbag son of Radlúk

Orc Male
Diplomat, Noble

Loyal, Prideful. Hates loud singing.

Red eyes, dark gray skin. Piercing stare.
Hair: bald

Weapons: Dwarven Steel Falchion.
Armor: dirty and tattered clothing (cloth)

Male Diplomat

Zint Pizazt

Goblin Male
Scout, Commoner

Loyal. Hates loud singing. Fears being tortured.

Black eyes, light green skin.
Hair: short, dark

Weapons: Dwarf Forged Dagger, Crossbow.
Armor: fancy expensive clothing (cloth)

Male Scout