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Minion Academy

Below you will find procedurally generated minions / npc's who are ready to do your bidding. Feel free to tweak and modify them to your liking and use them in your games.

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Rez Tint

Goblin Male
Warrior, Commoner

Stubborn, Wrathful.

Red eyes, pale green skin.
Hair: shaved head

Weapons: Clean And Polished Dual Wield Daggers, Short Bow.
Armor: steel scalemail (scalemail)

Male Warrior

Gitni daughter of Fármash

Orc Female
Rogue, Noble

Red eyes, green skin.
Hair: mohawk, black

Weapons: Steel Dual Wield Axes.
Armor: leather armor (leather)

Female Rogue

Galaditen of house Tistledur of Lightwood

Elf Female
Scout, Noble


Yellow eyes, olive skin.
Hair: long, amber

Weapons: Tattered And Dirty Dual Wield Swords, Bow & Arrow.
Armor: leather jacket (leather)

Female Scout

Ginilis of house Tistledin of Silverpeak

Elf Male
Rogue, Noble

Wrathful. Hates insects. Fears closed spaces.

Green eyes, pale skin. Thin and wiry.
Hair: short pony tail, blonde

Weapons: Obsidian Dual Wield Swords, Composite Bow.
Armor: padded gamberson (cloth)

Male Rogue

Flóni Deepbeard

Dwarf Female
Ranger, Commoner

Stubborn. Fears being betrayed.

Brown eyes, brown skin. Muscular.
Hair: long, blonde

Weapons: Bronze Short Sword, Bow & Arrow.
Armor: studded troll hide armor (leather)

Female Ranger


Orc Female
Diplomat, Commoner

Stubborn, Wrathful. Hates large crowds. Fears drowning.

Black eyes, gray skin. Long face.
Hair: shaved head

Weapons: Troll Iron Dagger, Short Bow.
Armor: obsidian mail hauberk (chainmail)

Female Diplomat