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Minion Academy

Below you will find procedurally generated minions / npc's who are ready to do your bidding. Feel free to tweak and modify them to your liking and use them in your games.

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Hamwise Bradybuck

Halfling Male
Fighter, Commoner

Prideful. Hates loud singing.

Green eyes, fair skin. Short and stocky.
Hair: shaved head

Weapons: Steel Double Handed Warhammer.
Armor: dragon scale armor (leather)

Male Fighter


Orc Male
Rogue, Commoner

Greedy, Ruthless, Timid.

Red eyes, light brown skin. Piercing stare.
Hair: short, dark

Weapons: Dual Wield Axes.
Armor: banded mail hauberk (chainmail)

Male Rogue

Fimkon Fellbearer

Dwarf Male
Ranger, Commoner


Brown eyes, pale skin. Square face.
Hair: long, black

Weapons: Expensive Mace, Javelin.
Armor: leather armor (leather)

Male Ranger

Isilráx of house Aztirem

Hobgoblin Female
Warrior, Noble

Greedy, Cruel, Aloof. Hates humidity.

Black eyes, palid green skin.
Hair: short braids, black

Weapons: Axe, Bolas.
Armor: iron mail hauberk (chainmail)

Female Warrior


Troll Female
Rogue, Noble

Prideful. Hates Warriors.

White, glowing eyes, scaly green skin. Large ears.
Hair: small straight horns, capped with gold

Weapons: Worn Down Sword, Thrown Axes.
Armor: leather armor (leather)

Female Rogue

Zuvt Taralax

Goblin Male
Warrior, Commoner

Greedy, Adventurous. Fears darkness.

Red eyes, dark green skin.
Hair: long braid, dark

Weapons: Bronze Double Handed Warhammer, Composite Bow.
Armor: leather armor (leather)

Male Warrior